HF Power-Amplifier MRF101

This blog video discusses the power amp design of the DIY transceiver. A single MRF101 LDMOS RF power Mosfet delivers up to 80W in the 20m, 40m and 80m band.

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  1. Don Moore says:

    Hello Stefan. I’m Don Moore W0CTX (see qrz.com). You have done very excellent work. I have been looking at the MRF101 as well. Also, another new NXP LDMSOFET: MRFX035H 35-Watt 50 Ohm in/out. I want to explore linearity to the point where the major harmonics are as low as possible to simplify LPFs.

    I have a full shop like you and now in the ‘fun’ stage of retirement (no more commercial SDR work for me).

    I am curious about the ST board you are using and the source /availability of code for the TFT display. This is my major weakness! (I’m RF hardware guy)

    I would like to correspond further with you.

    Best 73’s Don W0CTX

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ron for your comment. Wow, you have a lot of experience in RF design! I am currently working on my next video blog about the digital part of the DIY transceiver, that should cover most of your questions (I hope ;-)). I would be happy to get in touch with you again. 73, Stefan

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